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 Pastor Darius  Brooks

Darius Brooks, a man who has been one of Gospel’s greatest driving; creative forces may not be recognized by his name alone but by his unprecedented gift. He has been behind the scenes of some of gospel’s biggest songs and stars. For the last three decades, Darius has thrived in almost every musical capacity imaginable from songwriter, singer and accompanist, to arranger and producer for a host of Gospel luminaries that includes Shirley Caesar, Vickie Winans, the late Rev. Milton Brunson and the Thompson Community Singers, and Ricky Dillard, jazz legend Ramsey Lewis, as well as, R&B icons Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder to name but a few. His creative force has an international reach that extends to Great Britain, Sweden, Scandinavia, Italy, South Africa and Germany.

Grammy, Stellar and Dove Awards are among the many accolades he has received, and yet, with a resumé already to his credit that most artists, songwriters, and producers can only dream of, Brooks is just getting started. His greatest calling yet became a reality in April of 2009, when he heeded the call to become senior pastor of Grace Central Church. Over the past 10 years, Grace Central, under Pastor Brooks’ direction, has touched many lives and continues to grow. Although he is best known for placing such treasures in gospel music history as "Safe in His Arms," "My Mind's Made Up," "For the Good of Them," "If I Be Lifted," “Your Will” and many others, his delivery of the Word to his congregation and the world supersedes his musical gift.

In addition to his own musical career, Pastor Brooks is also the visionary responsible for reassembling The Tommies Reunion. The Tommies Reunion is comprised of former members of the famed Thompson Community Singers as well as some new young talent that treasures the experience of working with the faces and voices that sent the group to the top of the charts during the late 80’s and 90’s and ushered in the contemporary gospel sound which led to them being called the #1 choir in the country and placed them permanently in gospel music history. The ‘Tommies Reunion’ has previously released 3 projects (2 CDs and a DVD) and will release a new CD and DVD on February 22, 2019 on Tyscot Records.

A true renaissance man, Pastor Brooks, his wife, Deborah and their daughter, Dasha Lyric, make their home in the Chicagoland area where he currently serves as Senior Pastor of Grace Central Church, CEO of JMG (Journey Music Group) and CEO of SDM Foundation for the Education and the Arts, his non-profit foundation, through which he mentors young people who desire to pursue the performing arts as a career and/or a means of enhancing their lives.

Now moving to the next level in his life, Brooks says “I look at my life as a song that I’m writing. Everyday I add another line, another instrument, possibly a new tempo. I can honestly say I have a better understanding of my past and I am enjoying writing the lyrics of my life.”